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Download Clients

MiniPoint Clients MiniPoint Clients

How to install:

  1. Download the MiniPoint Clients installation file (the above link).
  2. Choose Open (or locate the file you downloaded, and double-click).
  3. Follow the instructions given by the installation program.
  4. If you want to try the MiniPoint Clients using your own MiniPoint Server, you will need to download and set up the MiniPoint Server. Make sure you type in the correct Server name or IP address in the properties dialog shown at install.

If you want to try the MiniPoint Clients using our MiniPoint Server on the WEB, enter i.minipoint.com in the properties dialog shown at install.

To change the server address after installation, enter the Properties dialog by right clicking the MiniPoint icon in the System Tray.

The evaluation is restricted to 5 concurrent users. MiniPoint may be evaluated freely for 30 days. The software does however not expire. We trust you will purchase MiniPoint if you find it useful!

If you need to evaluate MiniPoint with more than 5 users, please contact us at sales@minipoint.com for a temporary license.

You will not have to reinstall the server or clients when you purchase MiniPoint - you will be provided with a license key which will open the server for the number of licenses you purchase.

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