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MiniPoint Client Parameters

This section describes the command line parameters and parameters in MiniPoint.cfg.

Default values are shown for MiniPoint.cfg.

Parameters which can be used at the command line:

Parameter Description
/hiStart the application hidden
/shShow the hidden application
/xExit the application
/invMPMessenger only: Hide the System Tray icon

Parameters which can be configured in MiniPoint.cfg on the client:

Parameter Default value Comment
TimeFormat Time format for MiniPoint Client.
See format codes.
Chann<n> Activate channel number <n> (0: No, 1: Yes)
ShowChann<n> Show channel number <n> (0: No, 1: Yes)
cy<n>MiniPoint uses cy for height and has no parameter for width. The width is set in the MiniPoint.cfg file on the server side.
Status5Default status (bit mask, modify in Properties)
FontNameArialDefault font name
FontSize10Default font size
FontAttr0Default font attributes
FGColor0Default foreground color
BGColor65535Default background color
ToolBar1Show toolbar
LastBox1Last box shown
SortOldest0Sort messages
(0: Newest on top, 1: Oldest on top)
ConfirmChanges1Confirm changes when closing applications
DiscreteMode0Avoid message popup
StackWindows0Cascade windows instead of using sender's position
ScAction0Default action on Single click on System Tray icon (0=MiniNote)
DcAction1Default action on Double click on System Tray icon (1=MiniPoint)
Sound0Sound when message arrives (0: Default sound)
Most client applications (not MiniPoint client):
X x-Position of window
Y Y-Position of window
W Width of window
H Height of window
UId0User Id (returned from server)
User User name sent to and returned from server
UserPwd User password for server login
RememberPassword1Remember password for automatic login
Group Default Group
FullName Full name (returned from server)
Alias Alias (returned from server)
Company Company (returned from server)
ConnectType0Type of connection
PullInterval10Interval between checking for messages on server with HTTP connection type (in minutes)
PingInterval3Interval between pinging the server side messenger (in minutes)
ServerI.MiniPoint.com (Default server)
ServerPort25045MiniPoint UDP server port
TCPPort25045MiniPoint TCP server port
HTTPPort80MiniPoint HTTP server port
ClientPort25046Default MiniPoint UDP and TCP Client transmit port
Proxy Proxy server
ProxyPort8080Proxy port
ProxyUser Proxy user name
ProxyPwd Proxy password

Path and 1st time startup parameters are configured in MiniPoint.ini.

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