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Messaging Component

To interface with external systems, our Messaging Component or Web interface can be used.

An easy to use component can be used to access MiniPoint from external system. It allows you to send messages from WEB systems and databases, to send reminders to pop up at given times. Use it to read data and messages from MiniPoint. Perform automatic update of users and groups.

With the Web interface, you can send data to the MiniPoint Server using HTML forms. Many of the features available in the Messaging Component is available. For details, check the HTML code of the demos below, or see the Online Help.

For demonstration of the Component API, see Component API Demo.

For demonstration of the Web API, see Web API Demo.

See online help for description of of methods and parameters.

To try against our demo server, install the MiniPoint Clients from the Download Page.

When installing, enter 'i.minipoint.com' as the server. When MiniPoint is running, and you have contact with the server, there will be a green MiniPoint icon in the system tray. Enter your personal information in Properties of the system tray icon.

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