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MiniPoint - The Concept

MiniPoint is a communication tool which can be used to inform people or groups of people. It is easy to use, instant, and fills the gap between E-Mail and the Phone as a way to stay in touch with your colleagues.

Two different formats are used:

  1. A list of short messages sent to those "listening to the channel" (the MiniPoint Module)

    MiniPoint Client

  2. A "Yellow Sticker" sent to a specified group or individual (the MiniNote Module)

    MiniNote Client

Ease of use is a core feature of the product. It should be viewed as an instant messaging tool rather than as an E-Mail system.

We believe that the "one (i.e. E-Mail) fits all" paradigm for personal communications is not optimal any more. E-Mail is increasingly used for formal communications between business partners - exchanging short, informal notes via the E-Mail system "pollutes" this formal information channel.

A lot of messages that could benefit the receiver are not sent at all because of this.

The light format and easy user interface of MiniPoint is specifically designed to handle this sort of information. We believe that that the system will enable you to increase the effectiveness of your informal communications, both by unburdening the E-Mail system and by offering a viable alternative to the telephone (or shouting!) to convey your informal messages.

Robust and easy-to-use

Our philosophy is to make robust and easy-to-use products. By hiding the advanced features, we present the user with just what he needs to solve the task.

This may not suit all, but we believe this is the most cost effective way for the company. It gives easy installation, minimal training before use, and a product which performs its task.


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