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MiniPoint - Features



  • Non intrusive (Do not take focus)
  • Low demand on resources
  • One to many distribution of short messages using MiniPoint client
  • Send message to one or to a group using MiniNote client
  • MiniNote messages can be delivered to mail or SMS when the receiver(s) is/are offline
  • View delivery status of messages
  • View online status of users
  • Delete messages not delivered


  • Get last messages at startup
  • Just write the text and hit Enter to send to all joining the channel
  • View multiple channels simultaneously
  • Set to Discrete Mode if you want no flash and sound (Properties of System Tray icon)
  • Reply to sender with MiniNote
  • Set the width and size of channels with the Administrator
  • Groups can be made read only for non administrators
  • Protect groups by assigning them to a group
  • View and modify non protected groups using a Web browser


  • Send notes of various size, color and fonts to users or groups
  • Use it for saving private notes to your local archive
  • Schedule reminders to pop up at given time
  • Ask for delivery notification
  • Easily change size of font with Control Up/Down arrow
  • Use F11 to remove the 'To' field


  • View availability status of your colleagues
  • Enter a short message if you are busy or out of the office
  • Messages and status are immediately distributed to all connected clients
  • Set up you own list of persons to view
  • Quickly send a note by double clicking a name

Local Archive

  • View sent and received notes
  • View reminders
  • View and modify archived notes
  • View transfer status of notes
  • Search for text in notes


  • View and modify settings for users, groups and channels
  • View and delete transfers
  • View and delete scheduled reminders
  • View and delete notes, mail and SMS messages
  • View online status of users
  • View who is active on channels
  • View and modify server settings
  • View server statistics


  • View and modify user settings with the properties dialog
  • Enter parameters for remote sending
  • Modify the communication parameters to access the server through fire wall
  • Change System Tray Icon single and double click action
  • Set MiniPoint clients to discrete mode avoiding sound and pop up


  • Efficient push server delivering messages instantly
  • Configure security and performance settings
  • Transfers data to mail, mobile or other remote devices (Enterprise version only)

Database (Enterprise version only)

  • Messages can be saved to Sql server

Web (Enterprise version only)

  • View and enter messages directly from WEB browser
  • View long time archive from Sql server


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