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MiniPoint - Highlights

Communicate within different groups!

You can define several channels and groups to communicate with within your environment. This may be your technical staff, marketing department or groups covering different subjects or geographical areas.

Keep individuals in touch!

Send a MiniNote to any individual or group defined. Just pick the receiver from the address book, write the message and hit "Send".

Some of these messages would otherwise have been sent using your E-Mail system (or not at all) - MiniPoint eases the burden of short internal messages from the mail system!


When starting MiniPoint all messages for you will pop up on the screen, and you gain an immediate picture of the situation.

You will receive all new messages instantly.

Get the message through!

Use our messaging component to provide automatic distribution of messages from your existing systems.


Virtually no learning curve! No fancy user interface and communications components requiring the latest versions of DLLs, OCXs etc. - hassle free installation.

Fast and undemanding on resources

Using the UDP protocol message transfer is fast, requiring minimal communications overhead. MiniPoint uses "true push" technology - avoiding poll traffic on the network. Critical feature if your workgroup spans across low bandwidth connections.


Lifts the message window on top upon message arrival, and plays a sound. Both features are user configurable.


Does not grab input focus when messages arrive! You will not experience irritating loss of keystrokes. In MiniPoint, you decide where the window should pop up. For MiniNote, the position, color, size etc. can be configured.

Minimizing MiniPoint (or pressing Escape) will free up space on the taskbar - leaving only a small icon in the system tray:

MiniPoint Systray Icon

You can even put MiniPoint in "Quiet Mode" - avoiding message popup. Just "right click" on the icon in the taskbar and choose Quiet Mode in the menu.

MiniPoint Systray Icon, Quiet Mode

Incoming messages will the be indicated by turning the system tray icon red instead of showing the MiniPoint window (the icon will blink for a few seconds before it turns constant red). Click the icon to read the message.

MiniPoint Systray Icon, Incomming message, blinking MiniPoint Systray Icon, Incomming messae

Is this an E-Mail application?

No! MiniPoint is not designed to be your corporate E-Mail solution. It is an Instant Messaging tool designed to convey short messages within your own organization.

See the Features for more details.


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