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MiniNote is for sending/receiving messages to/from a user or a group of users.

MiniNote Client

Sending a note

Start MiniNote client from the MiniPoint System Tray Icon Menu (Shortcut: Single-click the icon). An empty note will pop up.

Enter full name or part of the name of the person you want to send message to. Pressing the F9 key (or clicking the "?"-button) will check the name and give you a selection of matching names if there are more than one.

Enter the text in the note area. Up to 1400 characters may be entered, but remember that this is a tool for sending small messages - so you should limit the text.

Press F12 (or click the Send button) to send the message to the server. The server will check if the receiver is connected and deliver the message. If the recipient is not connected the message will be stored on the server and sent when the user is available.

A click on the right mouse button will let you change the properties of your note.

MiniNote Properties

Here you can set default actions, colors and font attributes. The properties can be saved and used as default for the next MiniNote you create. Creating your own MiniNote color and style will quickly identify you as the sender of the message.

When you have received a message, you can use the right mouse button to quickly create a reply.

Sending a reminder

MiniNote Reminder Options

Right click the mouse and select 'Remind'. Enter the time for the reminder or bring up the calendar with the calendar button.

MiniNote Reminder Calendar

The note will pop up for the receiver at the given time if he is online. Otherwise it will pop up when he logs on. If the receiver has activated SMS forwarding, the message will be delivered to his mobile phone (requires license).


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