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MiniPoint is for sending/receiving messages to/from a group of online users.

MiniPoint Client

Start the MiniPoint client from the MiniPoint System Tray Icon Menu (Shortcut: Double-click the icon). The client will come up with the last 50 messages from the server.

There is no configuration to be done, except selecting your channels and telling the server your full name and alias name in MiniPoint Client Properties (right-click the mouse in the message list area). The system will remember where you position the different channel windows on your desktop.

The width of the client is determined on the MiniPoint Server, as all clients are required to have the same width.

To send a message, just place the cursor in the lower pane of the client window and write your message. The message is sent by pressing the Enter key. The server will instantly distribute it to all clients.

You may minimize the MiniPoint client without worrying about loosing any messages. If the client is minimized, or covered by other windows when a message arrives, it will be restored and put on top of other windows.

MiniPoint will not grab the "input focus", so you should not lose any keystrokes in the application you are working in. To get rid of the window, you may press the minimize button, or click anywhere on the client windows and back on your application again.


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