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MiniPoint Web Solution

'MiniPoint Web Solution' is an internet solution for messaging and data sharing!

- Share data with colleagues.
- Keep you registers 'always available' on the internet.
- Send messages to PCs and mobile phones.
- Be reminded on important events on PC or mobile phone.

The system allows you to easily build your own information views. You can create your own 'Forms' to view and update data, or use the ones already available. The solution is integrated with MiniPoint Clients to make up an effective messaging and information system.

With MiniPoint Web Designer you can easily build advanced web systems with database content. The designer is easy to use, and no knowledge of web or database is required.

'MiniPoint Net', built with the Web Designer, illustrates use of the system. It allows you to view MiniPoint data on the Web. Install the MiniPoint clients and connect to our demo server (i.minipoint.com) to try!


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