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What's New?

Version 3.1 of MiniPoint is now available. It is as easy to use as before, and contains many new features and enhancements. We have refined the user interfaces and added keyboard shortcuts for the applications to be even easier and quicker to use.

With the enterprise version you can communicate through firewall, send messages to mobile devices or E-Mail accounts, keep data in SQL server, view and send message using WEB browser, or interface with external systems.

New features in version 3.1:

  • MiniPoint
    • On startup, channels containing new messages will be shown
    • On startup, the last line on last exit will be selected
  • MiniNote
    • Reminders sent from MiniNote can now be edited using the Administrator
  • MiniLink
    • Multi-select in the Name List is now possible
  • Archive
    • Links sent from Messaging Component is shown in Web Browser
  • Properties
    • Buttons for OK, Cancel Apply has been added
  • Administrator
    • Notes, SMS and Mail is shown only when logged in
    • Reminders can be modified.
    • Reminders can be set to show at interval (year, month etc)
  • Server
    • The TCP Port can be accessed from Component and Web API in the Standard version
  • Component
    • Many new methods have been added. See Online Help
    • for details

New features in version 3.0:

  • Keyboard shortcuts (see the Keyboard Shortcut List in the Help).
  • MiniPoint
    • Allow Private channels
    • Allow Read Only channels (You can use a channel as a one-way info channel)
    • View and send MiniPoint messages from web browser
    • View who is online on channel
    • Reverse list order
    • Adjustable time format
  • MiniNote
    • Send MiniNote on Mail or SMS (remote sending)
    • Store notes in local archive
    • Send/set reminders to pop up at given time
    • Receive acknowledge on delivery of message
    • Store defaults in properties dialog instead of always (on close)
    • Allow for search for groups and/or users
    • Full view implemented (F11)
  • MiniLink
    • This is a new client application added in version 3.0
    • View availability status of your colleagues
    • Enter a status message if you are busy or out of the office
  • Archive
    • Notes split up in four different folders:
      • In, Out, Archive Notes, Reminders
    • View delivery status of notes
    • Reverse list order
    • Show or hide toolbar with F11 (full view)
  • Properties
    • User and Server parameters more configurable
    • Allow configuration of proxy, UDP, TCP or HTTP
  • Administrator
    • View delivery queues for transfers, notes, scheduled notes, mail and SMS
    • Allow users to manage their own queues
    • Configure users as administrators giving them full privileges
    • Configure server settings
    • Disable users
    • Show user online status (by double clicking on users)
    • Show active users on channels (by double clicking on channels)
  • Server
    • Many more parameters to customize the server functionality for your needs (security, timeouts etc). Go to Server Parameters in the Online Help section to see the complete list.
  • Database support (Enterprise version)
    • Data can be saved to SQL server
  • WEB (Enterprise version)
    • Undelivered Notes and Channel data can be viewed from browser
    • Allows send of notes and data to MiniPoint channels
    • Allows access to MiniPoint server from outside a firewall
    • WEB services for automatic message distribution and system administration
  • Component
    • Customize message distribution using our messaging component
    • Easy to use API available to access MiniPoint from WEB or database systems
  • Installation
    • Simpler, better and more robust installation and removal of client and server
  • Help
    • Improved help
    • Up to date Online Help available on internet

Changes between version 2.1 and version 2.5

Here you can find changes from 2.1 to 2.5.

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