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I get the error message "Internal Error 2753. MPServer.exe" after installing the client

This is due to a faulty build of MiniPoint. The clients will still work, but you will have problems with deinstall and upgrades.

To solve this, you must install the Server on the Client PC before removing or upgrading the Client.

- Go to the Control Panel and start "Add/Remove Programs".
- Select "Change" for MiniPoint and chose "Modify".
- Select "This feature will be installed on local harddrive" for MiniPoint Server.
- Finish the installation. - You may now remove or upgrade MiniPoint.
- When upgrading, you do not need to install the Server again (on client PCs)

The version currently in the Download section has corrected this error.

Nothing seems to work

Look in the System Tray for the MiniPoint icon: MiniPoint System Tray icon. If you can't see the MiniPoint icon there, you need to start one of the MiniPoint Clients.
Go to "Start", "Programs", "MiniPoint" and start the MiniPoint client: MiniPoint.

If you can see the System Tray icon, but with a red cross, hold the mouse cursor over the icon. An an error message will appear as a "tool tip". For explanation of the messages, see below. You may also contact your system administrator, or the MiniPoint Support Team.

How do I specify the address of my server?

Right-click the mouse on the System Tray icon and select "Properties". In the dialog, select the "Server" tab and enter the server name or IP address.

The server is correct, but I still have a red cross in the System Tray

Make sure the server connect type is correct, and that you have a license for it on your server. If you have to pass a firewall, where the MiniPoint Server port is not opened, you must use the HTTP connect type. You may also have to specify a proxy server - contact your system administrator for details.

I keep loosing my connection to the MiniPoint server

Either the network to the server is unstable, or you are behind a NAT-router requiring a keep alive message to be sent. Set the time between keep alive messages in the Server tab in the Properties dialog.

I can not recognize people in the address list!

You are probably connected to wrong MiniPoint server. Ask your system administrator for your MiniPoint Server name or IP address. Then right click on the MiniPoint System Tray icon, click on "Properties", "Server" and enter the correct address.

What does the error message in the MiniPoint System Tray icon mean?

No response from server: MiniPoint server could not be found. Check the server settings in the Properties dialog.
MiniPoint Server name not valid: The server configured could not be found. Check the server in the Properties dialog. Make sure you have a networc connection.
Connecting to server...: MiniPoint is searching for the server. Wait a few seconds and check the message again.
Disconnected due to duplicate logon: You have logged in from two computers, or somebody else is using your user.
Disconnected: You have been disconnected from the server.
Error in Program Version: You are not allowed to access the server because you have wrong client version. Make sure you have a client version matching the server.
Program Version not matching: This is just a warning. Make sure you have a client version matching the server.
Login failed. User name in use: User cannot be created because it already exists.
Password is required: You must specify a password to protect the user. Enter the password using the Properties dialog.
Password is wrong: You have entered wrong password when login in. Enter correct password in the Properties dialog.
No access to user: The user has been protected or disabled by administrator.
Create user failed! Name or alias not unique: The server was unable to create the user. A user with the specified User name, Full name or alias already exists on the server.
User does not exist: You have entered a non existing user name (the server is set to not automatically create users at login).
No licenses available on server: You have exceeded the maximum number of simultaneous users. Upgrade the server or use the administrator tool to delete some of the connections.
Server has been shut down: The server has been shut down by administrator. Wait for server to be restarted or contact your support team.

The normal text in the Tooltip, when holding the mouse over the System Tray icon, is "MiniPoint - ", followed by the name of the license holder. If you have not purchased licenses (not entered the key on the server), the normal text is "MiniPoint - Unlicensed!".

How do I change the Server Settings shown in the Administrator?

Edit the file "MiniPoint.cfg" on the MiniPoint Server, see online Help for configurable server parameters.

The file can be found in the folder "Data" in the program folder (usually C:\Program Files\MiniPoint\Data\).

Note that the location of the Data folder may have been overridden in the MiniPoint.ini file in the Windows folder.

How do I change Client Settings?

Normally this is done in each client application, or in the Properties dialog on the System Tray icon. Some settings must however be changed in the MiniPoint.cfg file on the client computer.

See online Help for configurable client parameters.

The file can be found in the MiniPoint folder of 'Application Data' in the 'Documents and Settings' folder.

For Windows XP the folder is: \Documents and Settings\USER\Application Data\MiniPoint,
where USER is the Windows user you have logged in as. Note that the administrator of your system may have changed the path of the configuration file in MiniPoint.ini.

To search for the file, remember to include hidden files, since the folder 'Application Data' is hidden.

Is there a log file for error and system messages?

Yes! Look for the file MiniPoint.log. The file is located together with the configuration file (see above).

How do I change the path for configuration and database files?

Create a file MiniPoint.ini in your Windows directory. Here you can specify path and first time communication settings. See client and server parameters in the online help for details.

I have forgotten my MiniPoint login password

Your administrator must create a new password using the MiniPoint Administrator.

How do I completely de-install MiniPoint?

Use Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel.

To remove all the settingsa and data, you need to delete the MiniPoint Application Data folder. The folder location is usually "C:\Document and Settings\username\Application Data\MiniPoint\" - where "username" is your PC username.

On the MiniPoint Server, the data is usually located in "C:\Program Files\MiniPoint\Data\". Note that removing the directory removes all User, Group and Channel definitions, as well as the messages stored.

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