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2003-04-28: Build 0116 is avaliable for download.

The Administrator now handles larger number of users in the tree view, redusing the need to use "Tools" / "Limit User Search".

Error messages are shown in Administrator and Properties when data is inserted or modified. This happens if data is not unique. User, Group and Channel Names must be unique. For users, the Full Name and Alias must be unique (or left blank which will set them to the User Name).

2003-04-10: Build 0115.

MiniPoint Messaging Component is now included in the Setup. This allows MiniPoint to be accessed from Web or external systems. More details here.

Remote Sending now supports comunication through proxy. This can be configured in the Advanced Settings of the Administrator Server Settings.

Bug in the color setting of MiniNote has been fixed.

2003-02-19: Build 0106:

The default server entered in the setup dialog is saved and used for all new users starting minipoint on the same PC. The server field is initially blank instead of our demo server.

Default Ping Interval has been set to zero. When used on a NAT router, each user must set the Ping Interval to keep UDP Port available for Push.

MiniPoint does no longer reconnect if disabled by Administrator. This also fixes problem with loosing connection when logging in on a new PC.

2003-02-13: The Server&Client installation package (MPoint30.exe) was replaced due to an error in the installation routines (which was not possible to rectify with a patch).

See the FAQ ('I get the error message "Internal Error 2753...') if you downloaded MiniPoint prior to this.

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