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MiniPoint INI file Parameters

This section describes optional parameters in MiniPoint.ini.

The [Messenger] parameters are used the first time MiniPoint is started on the machine. Thereafter, MiniPoint.cfg is used.

The [Path] parameters is used if you need to locate MiniPoint files on non-standard locations.

Parameters which can be configured in MiniPoint.ini on clients and server:

Parameter Default value Comments
DataPath""Path to data and configuration files
ProgPath""Path to program files
WEBPath""Path to WEB-files used by the server
ConnectType0Type of connection
PullInterval3Interval between checking for messages on server (in minutes)
PingInterval3Interval between pinging the server side messenger (in minutes)
Serveri.minipoint.com (Default server)
ServerPort25045MiniPoint server UDP port
TCPPort25045MiniPoint server TCP port
HTTPPort80MiniPoint server HTTP port
Proxy""Proxy server
ProxyPort8080Proxy port
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