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MiniPoint Server Parameters

This section describes the command line parameters and parameters in MiniPoint.cfg.

Default values are shown for MiniPoint.cfg.

Parameters which can be used at the command line (MPServer.exe):

Parameter Description
/installInstall the MiniPoint Server service
/path:"path"Path to the MiniPoint Program directory (use with /Install)
/startStart the MiniPoint Server service
/stopStop the MiniPoint Server service
/removeRemove the MiniPoint Server service

Parameters which can be configured in MiniPoint.cfg on the server:

Parameter Default value Comment
ServerPort25045MiniPoint UDPlisten port
TCPPort25045MiniPoint TCP listen port
HTTPPort80MiniPoint HTTP listen port
AutoCreateChannels1Automatically create channel when users logs in (uses environment variable USERDOMAIN on client)
AutoCreateGroups1Automatically create group when user logs in (uses environment variable USERDOMAIN on client)
AutoCreateUsers1Automatically create user on first log in (user's machine login or 'User' in users MiniPoint.cfg file)
AllowSetUser1Allow clients to set user name in Properties
AllowUserOverride1Allow user to specify User Name for log in in the configuration file MiniPoint.cfg
AllowSetUserData1Allow clients to set own user information
RequirePassword0Require the user to log in with password
KeepUserCon1Remember user connections when restarting server
KeepServerCon0Remember remote server connections when restarting server
MessageKeepTime-1Keep messages in memory on server after delivery (Days, -1: For ever)
ConCheckInterval60Interval (in minutes) between checking user connections (Log out user if not reachable)
Password System password for access to Administrator tool (Admin users may use their own password)
StartupDelay0Time delay for starting server (to wait for depending applications at power up)
ServerRestart-1Number of times to retry server restart
TimeFormat Display format of date / time. See format codes in help
AllowAlarm0Allow Alarm server
AlarmServerType0Type of Alarm server (0: File, 1: Remote, 2: Inline)
AlarmId0Id of Alarm Remote server
AllowDb1Allow Database server
DbServerType0Type of Database server (0: File, 1: Remote, 2: Inline)
DbId0Id of Database Remote server
DbUsersaDatabase login user (must be set for database access in MPInformer)
DbPasswordsaDatabase login password (must be set for database access in MPInformer)
DbSourceSysMiniPointData Source for system data
DbSourceDataMiniPointData source for application data
AllowMail1Allow Mail server
MailServerType2Type of Mail server (0: File, 1: Remote, 2: RAW format)
MailServerName Address of Mail server
MailId0Id of Mail Remote server
MailIn[progdir]\data\inPath for Mail inbox
MailOut[progdir]\data\outPath for Mail outbox
MailAt Mail suffix for auto mail box users
AllowSms1Allow Sms server
SmsServerType2Type of Sms server (0: File, 1: Remote, 2: Inline)
SmsId0Id of Sms Remote server
SmsIn[progdir]\data\inPath for Sms inbox
SmsOut[progdir]\data\outPath for Sms outbox
SCAddress Number of SMS Center
AllowTCP1Allow TCP Push Connections
AllowHTTP0Allow HTTP Connections
MaxListenPorts1000Maximum TCP listen ports on server (AllowConType must be set to allow TCP or HTTP)
TransferListSize1000Startup buffer for Transfer list
UserListSize1000Startup buffer for User list
GroupListSize1000Startup buffer for Group list
ChatListSize100Startup buffer for Channel list
NoteListSize1000Startup buffer for Note list
ScheduleListSize1000Startup buffer for Schedule list
StatusListSize1000Startup buffer for Status list
ServerListSize100Startup buffer for Server list
SmsListSize1000Startup buffer for Sms list
MailListSize1000Startup buffer for Mail list
WebListSize1000Startup buffer for Web list
DbListSize1000Startup buffer for Db list
AlarmListSize1000Startup buffer for Alarm list

Path and 1st time startup parameters are configured in MiniPoint.ini.

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