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Using the MiniLink Module

MiniLink gives you an updated status of your colleagues.


Add the people you need to view by clicking the "+"-button. You may also add an entire group of people.

Update your own message by writing in the bottom and pressing "Send". The time column shows when the message was last updated.

Color codes:

  • Green: The user is online and active
  • Yellow: The user is online and active, with MiniPoint in "Quiet Mode"
  • Gray: The user is online, but has not used the PC within the last 10 minutes
  • White: The user has not started MiniPoint

The inactivity period may be changed from the default 10 minutes in MiniPoint Administrator.

Sending a MiniNote from MiniLink

A quick way to send a MiniNote is to double-click the name in MiniLink. MiniNote will start with the chosen receiver in the To:-field. Just write the message and hit "Send".

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