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Using the MiniNote Module

Clicking once on the Systray icon will launch MiniNote:


Enter the recepient in the To:-field (username, alias or full name), write your message and click the Send button. The <F12> key may also be used to send the message.

Clicking the ? button or pressing the <F9> key will check the name with the address book.

If more than one name matches your To:-field, you get a list of matching names:

Select the intended receiver and click OK.

Clicking the Right Mouse Button in the message area gives the following Menu:

MiniNote, menu

Sending a reminder

MiniNote Reminder Options

Right click the mouse and select 'Remind'. Enter the time for the reminder or bring up the calendar with the calendar button.

MiniNote Reminder Calendar

The note will pop up for the receiver at the given time if he is online. Otherwise it will pop up when he logs on. If the receiver has activated SMS forwarding, the message will be delivered to his mobile phone (requires license).

Changing the look of the note

You may adjust your MiniNote settings in the Properties dialog:

MiniNote, properties

- Settings

- Layout

Deselect Close after Send if you want to send several messages in a row.

Select Acknowledge Delivery if you want to receive a notification when the note is delivered. This is not a Read Acknowledge, you only know that the user is currently logged in, and that the message is delivered. Note that you must be logged on in the delivery moment to receive this notification. Otherwise you may check the status in the Archive.

You may create your personal style with the layout buttons. You may adjust the Font style and Background and Text colors:

MiniNote, font properties

MiniNote, background properties

To store the settings for future Notes, press the "Default..." button.

Tip: To change the font size without opening the properties dialog, you may press Ctrl-Up or Ctrl-Down in the message window.

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