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Using the Administrator tool

MiniPoint may be used as an open communication tool without much administration. New users will automatically be registered, and may fill out details (alias and full name) about themselves in the MiniPoint Properties Dialog.

The Administrator may be used to administer MiniPoint Users, Channels and Groups, and to control Group membership.

You may also view and modify the message queues.

The User details screen may be used to register new users and modify existing users:

MiniPoint Administrator User Details Screen

Only the User Name, Full Name and Alias fields are needed. If you have defined the groups you may also add users to groups here. You can also add users to groups in the Group Details screen.

MiniPoint login is based on the Username used on your Local Area Network, so these user names must correspond. If your LAN is not based on personal login to a file/print server, you can change the user name in the Properties dialog.

The groups you define will be inserted in the Address Book, and can be used to send MiniNotes to entire groups. The groups may also be used to restrict access to MiniPoint Channels:

MiniPoint Administrator Channel Details Screen

Check the Protect checkbox, and fill in a valid groupname in the Group Allowed field. Only members of this group will see this Channel Name in the MiniPoint Properties dialog and be able to select it. The Channel Name is shown in the Title Bar of the user's MiniPoint window.

If you need to see who is currently connected to a Channel (and hence will receive messages immediately), click the Online... button or double-click the channel name in the left hand list.

To view all active users on MiniPoint, select "View", "Active Users" in the menu.

The System Menu is password protected, select "File Login" to enter:

MiniPoint Administrator password dialog box

From the System Menu, you may enter new license keys, restart the server, view statistics and change the Server Configuration.

Entering the system password also opens for modifying user, group and channel settings.

Initially the system password is blank, you should change the password from the System Menu as soon as possible!

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