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Using the MiniPoint Module

The MiniPoint Module will show the last 50 messages sent to the channel when you start it. The quickest way to launch the module is by Doubleclicking the System Tray Icon.


To send a message, just place the cursor in the lower pane of the client window, write your message and press Enter.

The server will immediately distribute the message to all clients currently logged into the channel.

If you want to reply to a message to the sender only, you may Doubleclick on the message (or right-click and select "Reply") to launch a MiniNote reply.

To hide the Window press Escape or click the X in the upper right corner. Incoming messages will pop up the window again. If you want to send another message select MiniPoint from the Systray icon.

To hide all client windows, you may select "Hide All" in the System Tray icon menu.

Clicking the Right Mouse Button on the list of messages gives the following menu:

MiniPoint, menu

Selecting Active Channels

Active channels are channels that you are interested in following. They may be turned on and off in the Right Mouse Button menu. Selection of active channels is done in the Properties dialog:

MiniPoint, setup Username:
Select active channels
Set your own alias/full name
Select message sound

The administrator may define up to 30 different channels, you should select only the most relevant ones for inclusion in your Right Mouse Button menu.

Press OK when done.

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