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Using the System Tray Icon

The MiniPoint icon in your System Tray should appear when you log in on your computer, and acts as a "command and communications centre" for all MiniPoint modules:

If not present, the icon will appear when you start one of the modules from your Start-menu.

One click with your Right Mouse Button on the icon shows the following menu:

Systray Menu

Clicking once on the icon with your Left Mouse Button is a shortcut method for starting MiniNote.

DoubleClicking the icon with your Left Mouse Button will start MiniPoint.

Quiet Mode: If you select this choice, the messenger will not forward messages to applications. The icon is yellow to indicate Quiet Mode. Receiving a message turns the icon red - clicking once with your Left Mouse Button will open unread messages instead of starting MiniNote.

Active vs inactive mode: The green color in the MiniPoint systray icon indicates that you are active using your computer, and this will also be reflected in the MiniLink with a green color. If you do not do anything for a predefined period of time, the icon will turn gray. The gray color also appears in MiniLink.

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